We Shall Never Forget


September 11, 2001 is a day that none of us will forget. I still remember exactly where I was when I heard the news about a plane crashing into the Twin Towers. I was with the American Red Cross for six months and I was in my boss’s office, all of us glued to the television and trying to comprehend what was happening…..

A few hours later, and for many days, months and years after, when bad things happen, things we can’t imagine, I actually get to see good. I get to be that vessel of providing people opportunities to help — from giving of time, money or their blood.

That day on September 11, within a few hours, we had people out the door waiting to donate blood, giving money and wanting to volunteer because people wanted to help in any way they could.

That day started my passion for wanting to connect people with opportunities to serve in their community and that is why I am starting this blog. I have been in the field of volunteer management for over 13 years and the number one question I hear from people is “How can I Help?” Hopefully my blog can help connect people with their passion. I can help guide you to an opportunity or agency that you feel will be the best fit for you.

I also hope this blog will provide leadership for people in the profession of Volunteer Management.  Yes, this is a real profession and I want to be able to share valuable life lessons that I have learned to create stronger volunteer programs within our nonprofit sectors.

I think back to that day and that time period and I am proud of the way people gave and continued to give. Thirteen years later, we must never forget and we must continue to give back. I hope I can inspire and be your community time guider.

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