Finding that Right Fit


Finding the right volunteer opportunity is like dating, and trust me, I have lots of experience in that field. We sometimes have to try out a lot of opportunities before we find the right fit.

Some of us never find that right fit, but we like to try on a variety of opportunities because we learn something new from each one.

Sometimes we find that perfect match and it becomes our passion and focus.

Other times, an opportunity is great for a long time, and then you change, circumstances in your life change, and what you thought was the perfect fit is no longer. You begin to explore new opportunities to give you the fulfillment you are looking for.

 How do you find the right fit for you — long or short term?

  1. Self assessment

I recently sat down with a friend who is going through empty nest syndrome and she was looking to volunteer now that she had free time. I asked her, is there a cause near and dear to your heart that you might want to get involved with.  She said no. Then I asked her is your goal to meet new people your own age, or with your kids out of the house, do you want to be a mentor for other kids, or are you looking to learn a new skill?

She was blown away by all the questions I was asking her, and at the end of our conversation, she told me that she had to think, what did she really want?

  1. Research

Once you figure out what it is you are looking for then it is time do the research. Look at an agencies website to view their volunteer opportunities, call the agency to ask questions, or go visit the office to see the culture of it.  Again, like dating, you need to build up a comfort level to see if you want to make the next move.

  1. Jump in

You know what you want, you think you found the right fit, now it is time to make your move. Go ahead fill out that application (go out on that first date) and see what type of amazing adventures are next to come.

ps…. I am still trying to find my right fit!  🙂