31 Days of Giving: Day 3 – Warm Hands/Warm Heart

bundle up

Wednesday, December 3rd I have been invited to attend the Annual Greater Green Bay CVB Holiday Reception.  As part of the reception, they are asking guests to donate new or gently used hats, gloves and mittens. If you read my day one post, you saw I “purged” my closet on Black Friday. I donated most of the items to Goodwill, but I did save my gently used mittens, scarfs and hat to donate for this event.

Our Wisconsin winters are BRUTAL and I can’t imagine going through winter without the appropriate gear to stay warm. This makes me think back to an act of kindness I witnessed a few weeks ago.

My gently used scarves, mittens and hat I am donating to the "Big Bundle Up" project.

My gently used scarves, mittens and hat I am donating to the “Big Bundle Up” project.

I was tailgating for the Packers Game, and I was standing in line at the outdoor Port-A-Potty line at a local bar. Outside the gated area, I saw these two younger kids, maybe ages 5 and 8 hanging around, and being kids, playing in the snow.  They had winter coats on but I noticed they did not have any gloves. As I looked around wondering, where their parents might be, I noticed a man picking out aluminum cans from the garbage. I knew then, the kids where waiting for their dad. I had a pair of gloves in my purse and I walked over to the two kids, and asked if they wanted them. At first they were shy because I was a stranger, and then their dad walked over, and I asked, did he want my gloves for one of the kids? (I wish I had two pair with me at that moment).  He said thank you and I handed them to the older boy, who they would fit.

What I did was no big deal, but what I witness next was amazing…. As I watched the family walk away, the older boy gave his younger brother one of the gloves, so this way they could each have one to stay warm. Now that is a true act of kindness!