31 Days of Giving: Day 5 – Toys for Tots


 I was sent a Facebook event from a friend of my called the “Toys for Tot Challenge”.  It went along with my 31 Days of Giving Challenge, and I thought, I am going to do it!

Here is what the invite said that made me want to participate. 

I hope this dump truck makes some little boy very happy on Christmas Morning.

I hope this dump truck makes some little boy very happy on Christmas Morning.

“Here’s my idea for this challenge starting on November 1st whoever wants to participate in this event/cause takes a picture of themselves with a toy or a just a picture of the toy itself which will be dropped off at one of the many Toys For Tots drop off locations or if there’s no Toys For Tots in your area drop off at any other organization that helps families in need during the holiday season. .. Then nominate others to do the same and see if we can cause a giant ripple effect… We all know the power of social media, let’s use it for good and make a difference… All you have to do is take the time to care by donating or raising awareness they both play important roles, sending out the invite for this event will be a tremendous help with raising awareness… If even one person participates the little amount of time it took to make this event and send out the invites makes it worth it… I’m asking if you’d like to participate in getting this thing started to wait until November 1st so it can all happen at once and we can see where the people that get nominated take it…

I want everyone to imagine a child waking up on Christmas morning to nothing then having to go to friend’s/family’s houses and then school seeing how happy everyone is and listening to everyone about how great their holiday was… That happiness may fade in the weeks after Christmas but that child is left out the hurt won’t go away so easily… Imagine how hurt that child must be…………….now picture that being your child or you as a child growing up…

People may put themselves in situations where they have to choose between the necessities and Christmas for their child/children but we don’t know everyone’s situation… We do know for a fact that it is never the child’s fault and all children deserve to be happy and for one day, one gift, we can be a part of that happiness, that joy on Christmas morning.”