31 Days of Giving: Day 11– Gift of Laughter


When was the last time you had a good belly laugh among family, friends or co-workers?  If you can’t remember you need to go out stat, and find something or someone who can make you laugh!

Tonight, I am fortunate to have shared MANY laughs with my co-workers and volunteers. I had two holiday parties to go to, and at one of the parties we had a “white elephant” exchange. I have to admit, I got the best gift. You can not help but look at this object and laugh, and the greatest part, is every year, it continues to be part of the white elephant exchange and we look forward to see who gets it the next year. I hope you get as good of a laugh as we all did from “her” tonight.

photo boobs

If you feel you need to laugh more, here are some tips and a link to a great article I found online from the Huffpost:Healthy Living: Ways to incorporate more laughter and joy in your life:

• Don’t take life too seriously.

• Find the humor in a bad situation.

• Remind yourself of funny moments from the past.

Surround yourself with fun people who like to laugh a lot.

• Get a pet.