31 Days of Giving: Day 15 – Gift of Mentorship


I am very fortunate to have some amazing mentors growing up. I thank my Grandparents and parents for instilling in me my hard work ethic, I have many professors that believed in me, and I have met community members who I continue to look up to and learn from every day.

I feel like life is becoming full circle, and now I am getting the opportunity to be that mentor for young leaders in our community. Today we had our monthly meeting for our Red Cross Young Professional Group – Club Red. We launched in September of 2014 and currently have around 15 members and looking to grow. This might be a small group but they are go-getters and launching the club has been so fun for me.

I was introduced to service later in life, and I wish I would have gotten involved earlier in my career because now I see how getting involved can open doors to opportunities and friends you might not ever meet if it was not for volunteering.

I feel very blessed to be able to work with such a talented group of young professionals and if I can help in any way guide them to be leaders in our community it will be a direct reflection to the many leaders who I have learned from.

Thank you!