31 Days of Giving: Day 20 – Gift of Pinterest


This weekend, I found my inner craft diva and searched the Pinterest boards for projects with cork. I figured I would finally put all those wine corks to good use that I have been saving. I have to admit, among all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, sitting down and crafting was extremely relaxing.


I made two projects, an earring holder and a key chain.  When I looked around my place for supplies, I amazed myself that I had all the materials and re-purposed some others.  The earring holder, I used a frame that I already had, and I had the hooks in my “junk drawer”. The cork key ring I used an old bracelet that broke and one lone earring, that I lost the other one several years ago.


I am mighty impressed with my two Pinterest projects and I know of two special people who will hopefully like these home-made creations.

Look around your house, search Pinterests and get your inner craft diva on!  Enjoy, relax & have fun.

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