31 Days of Giving Project – What I learned!


It is December 31, 2014 – 9:30 pm and I am sitting on an airplane flying back from Dallas, TX. I was in Dallas visiting a college friend for a few days over the holiday break. It was a relaxing trip with time spent being able to catch up with her and her family. It was a perfect way to end my 2014 and my 31 days of Giving Project, by giving myself the gift of time off.

I took off of work from December 25-January 4. I am usually always the one working the holidays but this year, I took the time. I actually checked out for the time-frame. I did not answer any calls, e-mails (I looked, but did not reply) or do any “work” while on vacation.

What I learned from my 31 Days of Giving Project is that it is great to have passion for what you do, but you can’t let it take over your life. It is healthy to “check out”,  it is not selfish to make time for yourself, and the ripple affect from a simple act of kindness can be an amazing thing.

This project has giving me more patience that I hope to carry into 2015. It has also taught me to slow down. I can have a pretty crazy schedule and this journey has taught me that I can say no so my schedule is not as hectic, to take time to visit with our friends and family, because what if that is the last time you get with them and most of all if you greet people with a positive attitude and a smile I have found, that people in return will do the same to you and others.

Wishing all of you health and happiness in the upcoming new year. Cheers to 2015!