Forever Online


I am in the process of consolidating multiple social platforms due to a restructuring of our service area.  As I am going through this process I am learning, you are forever on the internet once you sign up for any social site.

I am trying to delete a blog site because we will no longer be updating it. I can’t! I can make it private, but I can’t delete due to something about domain name. I am still trying to figure out how to delete a You Tube site. When I try to change the name of a Facebook Page (ps. Get it right because you can only change it once) I get this!


What I am trying to say is, think carefully and into the future when you are setting up your social sites. Make sure you keep some type of log with all your usernames and passwords.  Yes, I know they say never write it down….but for nonprofits DO IT!  Make sure someone besides yourself has access to that paper (online document). Trust me, trying to consolidate three area social sites to one regional one, and the people who set them up are no longer employed at my work place – I would kill for a password list from those areas.  I am still waiting for a reply from Facebook in regards to a very outdated site, that I have NO IDEA who set it up or what the username/password is.  Forever online that site will be.

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