Change – It is a good thing


It is hard to believe it has been over six months since my last blog post. So much has changed in that time frame, but one thing stays the same, my passion for engaging volunteers and getting people involved in their community.

To catch you up on the change in my life I moved to Madison, WI, took a new job within the Red Cross and left my life in Green Bay after 23 years. Why you ask? Change. I loved my life in Green Bay. I had (and still have, distance does not change that) the greatest friends, loved my volunteer family who gave so much of their time to the Red Cross and I was heavily involved within the community.

I wanted more….. Last summer, I was in Madison a lot supporting a good friend during his Ironman WI training. I kept saying, I can see myself living here. That voice in my head kept gnawing at me, and around December 2014, I decided, I am going to move to Madison.

I put a plan into motion. I set a time-line. My goal was to find a new job and move by spring so I could experience all the amazing things Madison had to offer in the summer time.

I updated my resume after 13 years, and started job searching. I never really thought there would be a position within the Red Cross that I could transfer to, so when one presented itself, I jumped at it.

Mid March I accepted a position as Donor Recruitment Manager for the areas of Sauk, Juneau, Columbus and Adams counties within the blood services division.

Now I needed to find a place to live. This is how I knew this new move was meant to be. I looked on Craig’s List, and my sister and I went down one Saturday to Madison and we looked at three apartments. Turns out, I went with the first duplex I looked at. It was perfect for me – great location, two bedroom, parking and within my price range!

11078171_10205218153426193_6871061646355355865_nApril 11, 2015 I moved into my new place. Hard to believe four months has passed from that day. Living in Madison has been wonderful so far. The bike trails, the festivals, the food, beer and so much more. Of course, some days I miss my old life. Going from being a big fish in a small pond to no one knowing who you are is a strange feeling (later blog post on that concept). I know in my heart this was a great change for me and every day is an adventure and I am having so much fun finding new places to explore.

My blog will continue to be about volunteering and giving back, but I will also be sharing some of my new Madison adventures. Hope you enjoy and keep reading.

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