First Training Run Week

Snapchat-4294874620298920929It is Monday, January 12 and 8 degrees outside. I have to run for 21 minutes. I put on my gear, head out the door, and get hit with that first blast of cold and I think, what the hell am I doing?  I keep going. I do my warm up walk, set my timer for 21 minutes and I run. Now I am thinking I am just crazy because when I got done I thought, “That was not that bad or cold.”  What is happening to me??

Wednesday, January 14 is our first Wednesday group run. It is so nice to see these familiar faces going through this journey together. We split up by running/walking goal and are lead by one of the Foundations Mentors in stretching and warm up before we head off for our run. I am not a fast runner, in fact, of my 10K run group, I am the slowest — and I am ok with that. Slow and steady, may not win the race, but it will get you to the finish line!  I ran for 25 minutes tonight.

Our Spring Foundations Training Group!

Our Spring Foundations Training  Group!

belly dancing 1Saturday, January 17 group training run. We met at Dance Life Studio & Fitness to first work on our core. To do this we participated in a belly dancing basics class. Yes, I said belly dancing.  Some of us put on the fancy coin belts to get in the mood as we danced. It was fascinating and I think I am definitely going to sign up for additional classes.

We did our training run and it was 2 miles or 20-32 minutes depending on your pace. I have decided, I don’t like to say the miles part of it, I just like to say “today I will run for 32 minutes”.  It could or could not be 2 miles. I do have to get a watch to track my pace/miles/time but for now I want to enjoy the act of running versus making it so technical.

digmanPost run or walk as a group we met next door at Digman Fitness. Corey Digman, owner, taught us some preventative strength and conditioning exercises and stretches along with how and why to we should use a foam roller post work out.

As I am going into week number two of the program, I am starting to feel stronger, more confident and learning to take the “hate” out of running.

My First Training Run!


Saturday, January 9, 8:00 am, at Endurance House was my first training run. I was 20160109_080315-1_resizedthankful the temperature was in the 30’s and there was just a light dusting of snow that made everything very pretty instead of gray and gloomy.

Before we got started, Coach Flo and the other program mentors had us play “Icebreaker Bingo” so we could get to know the 25+ members in the spring program.

Flo then talked about “The Four Agreements”, a book by Don Miquel Ruiz. I put this book on my “must read” list.

The principals include:


The Four Agreements are a great life lesson to practice in your entire life, not just within our group.

Then it was time to run! We went outside and did some warm up exercises as a group and then depending on what you are training for 5K walk or run or 10K walk or run we did our distance for that day. I ran for 16 minutes and did not stop or walk! I was proud of myself. When we got back at our own pace we paired up and worked on planks for our core and stretching.

I am realizing from this first week of learning and trying to be a runner, that it is mind over matter. I can honestly say, my mind has never wanted to do this before now and I think I picked the right group to help me reach my goal.



You Have to Start Somewhere!


Starting anything new can be intimidating. Thanks to my friend Jen Anderson, Race Director for the Her Madison Half, she told me about the Endurance House Foundations Program for people of all abilities and distance goals.

20160106_175929January 6th I nervously walked in the doors of Endurance House for the informational meeting. I felt more at ease as I saw other people of all shapes and sizes walk through the door. We were greeted by Coach Flo, who immediately made you feel comfortable. She told us about the program goal: “To build the foundation of our best life by enjoying walking and running outside, without injury in an ever growing supportive and active community,” and then we went around the room to introduce ourselves.

Some of the reasons and stories on why people, like me, where exploring this fitness journey were very inspiring. Trying to get fit after battling cancer, a women who walked her first 5k, and now wanted to run it and someone like me, hates running, but likes running with this group.

Coach Flo!

Coach Flo!

For the spring Foundations Program, we are working toward running or walking a 5K or 10K by mid-March, depends on your fitness goal. I am shooting for running a 10K by mid-March.  If I can get to 6.2 by March I have almost 3 months to get to 13.1.

I felt inspired and thought, this is the right fit for me to accomplish my goal. I signed up. The program cost for the 10 week program is $125 and that includes Walk, Run/Walk and Run pace groups (Wednesday at 6pm & Saturdays at 8am), coached team workouts, 15% in-store discounts, workshop series and much more.

Here’s my start!

I am Running a 1/2 Marathon……

These are words I thought I would never utter. Over the past ten years I have worked behind the scenes of some pretty incredible running events including the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, Door County Triathlon, Fall 50 and Bellin Run.

I have seen the pure joy and excitement of people of all shapes, sizes and abilities cross that finish line and accomplish their dream. Over those ten years, deep down, I hoped to one day have that same feeling….. the problem, I hate running!

imageTen months ago I moved to Madison after living in Green Bay for 23 years. I think this was the catalyst I needed to give me the confidence to try. On Christmas eve I lost my uncle to a short battle with cancer. With the loss of a loved one and the start of a new year, you start to look at your life and it is a reminder to live life to the fullest, take chances and don’t wait to check off those “bucket list” items.

December 27, 2015 I signed up for the Her Half Marathon in Madison. Having the courage to sign up is half the battle. Now to put together a plan to help me go from behind the scenes to crossing that finish line.

Hope you enjoy reading about my journey.