5 Miles!

20160227_105846I never would have thought when I started this 13.1 journey on January 9th that by February 27 I would be able to continuously run 5 miles! This is my longest run to-date.  It was sunny, in the 40’s during our run time and hitting this milestone with my training group was just an awesome feeling.

I have to give credit to the Foundations Program at Endurance House.  Yes, I am the one taking each step and putting in the work, but I have learned so much in these last eight weeks. How to run, core work, foam rolling, nutrition, hill running – having to do this on your own would be very overwhelming. I see now how people (including me) start and then stop a fitness goal. It is exhausting, but with the support of this group, it has also been exhilarating — and that feeling out ways the exhaustion. (except today – I did take a two hour nap after my 5 mile milestone)  🙂

12512454_655276584613008_396967865529504766_nWe have two weeks left of this program and our graduation event is the Madison Shamrock Shuffle on March 13.  I am signed up for the 10K and look forward to that celebration beer with my team!  This will be my half-way point to my 13.1 goal. I look forward to another round of the Foundations program to get me through (as Coach Flow would say) the “Second Act.”  This “First Act” has been pretty amazing!

The Hardest Thing About Running Is……..

images (3)I am discovering the hardest thing about running is getting my ass out the door. It is amazing the amount of excuses one can come up with to get out of exercising.

We are in week four of my training program, and I must admit, I have slacked a bit.  I still got my running miles in for the week, but I have slacked on the cross and strength training. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I missed my evening group training run. I do look forward to meeting up with everyone and the group makes it a lot more fun. I decided to honor my body and stay in.

Being that I missed Wednesday, I had to get my run in the next day. I had meetings in the morning and I got home later than I thought from them.  I had wanted to get out by 2:00pm.  When I got home my head was filled with “to do” items from the meeting. I changed into my running clothes, and told myself, “catch up on the e-mails and phone calls you have to do now and the rest can wait until after your run.” I put a time limit – I could work until 3:30 and then I had to run.

IMG_20160204_164156554_HDRI listened to myself and 3:30 I was out the door.  I still wasn’t feeling it, and again negotiated with myself, “ok, if I just do one mile, out and back, at least I would have two miles in for the day.”  Better than nothing.

I got to one mile, and thought, I can do this and I kept running. I ran 3.5 miles. My longest run to date. I felt so proud of myself after I got done…and then I thought, why do I drag my feet when I know I will feel so good after?

Bonus of my run – enjoying the beauty around me. I had to stop to capture these two pics!  Enjoy.

IMG_20160204_160458442 IMG_20160204_162211343