I am going to India!


Five years ago this month I went to Swaziland, Africa to serve on an 11 day mission trip with the organization, Heart for Africa! It was such an amazing experience and the children I met in Swaziland are forever imprinted on my heart. I knew when a similar opportunity came again, I had to go.

An opportunity presented itself last month. A few years ago, I was looking at going to India with Sankalp Society. After doing some research, they seemed like a legitimate agency, there was a mix of service and travel built into the program, I even messaged someone that went through this program, and they said it was amazing, the problem, most of the trips where for extended periods of time.

The literary meaning of the Hindi word ‘Sankalp‘ in English is Take a Pledge… A pledge to make with people from all parts of the world by ‘Sankalp’ and in turn a promise with Sankalp by the people to create a unique and different world by way of turning the entire population harmonious and helpful to each other.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, I am on Facebook, and I see an invite event for “Christmas Volunteering” with the Sankalp Volunteer. I click on the link and I see the trip is for two weeks over Christmas and New Years. Because I have already done my home work on this organization, I check out my schedule and think, I can do this!

I run it past my boss about taking two weeks off, tell my parents I won’t be home for Christmas, but I will get you all presents from India, and I submit the online application. Two days later, I am accepted to the program, and I submit my application fee of $210 and boom – I am going to India for Christmas and New Years!

Now to decide what area I want I want to volunteer in — English Teaching Program, Orphanage Work, Street Children Education Project or Women Empowerment.

More to come on this amazing adventure!

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