Pack up and Go for 45!

Monday, February 11 will be my 45th birthday! I have never been one to hide my age or shy from it, but I must admit, I am struggling with this one.  Maybe because it is only 5 years from 50? Maybe because I still feel around 32 and thank goodness most people don’t think I look my age.  (Thanks Mom and Dad for the good genes.) I can’t put my finger on it……

To help me “get a grip” I have decided to give myself the gift of travel, adventure and excitement for my birthday.  A few years ago, I saw online information about the company “Pack up and Go“.    What is Pack up and Go??

Pack Up + Go plans 3-day weekend trips around the United States. All you have to do is tell us your budget and fill out a quick survey.  We’ll take care of your travel + accommodation arrangements – all while keeping your destination a surprise.

For my birthday I am doing a solo Pack up and Go adventure!  I have no idea where I am going and as someone who is a planner there is a sense of anxiety and total excitement not knowing anything about where I will be going in two weeks. (I did pick someplace warm on my survey). 

I will be sure to write about my solo journey and can’t wait to rip open that envelope at the airport to find out where I am going on my birthday adventure!  CHEERS.


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