95521308_10219588833844791_3710056259966205952_nMarch 25 the stay-at-home order took effect by Gov. Tony Evers and was extend through May 26. Stay-at-home does not mean quarantine. Thank goodness, nature is not closed!

Nature has been my salvation for my body, mind and soul. I have discovered incredible parks, hiking trails, lakes and wildlife all within 30 minutes of my home.

Most weekends, I would Google, “Dane County Parks” and then randomly pick a new place to explore. Being in the parks also gives me a sense of closeness to our participants at Operation Fresh Start.

To know the trail I am on, the boardwalk I am walking over, the beautiful flowers in bloom were created by the hands of our young people.

I have a new appreciation of our parks and all the staff, volunteers and our crews, who keep them looking beautiful for the public to enjoy!

Here is a list of parks I have visited so far:

  • Viking County Park
  • Lake Kegonsa State Park
  • Indian Lake County Park
  • Halfway Prairie Wildlife Area.
  • Prairie Moraine Park
  • Donald Park
  • Dane County Park Tenney Locks

It is hard to pick a favorite because they all have their unique charm.  So far, I would have to say Indian Lake County Park is my favorite. The blue loop is a good physical hike to get the blood flowing. There is the cutest little chapel at the top of an overlook of Indian Lake that makes all the stairs you have to climb worth it. Across the road from the main entrance, is another park – Halfway Prairie Wildlife Area.  Really cool old barn and home that is still standing.

On my hikes, I pack my camel back with water, snacks and a good book. I like to hike awhile and then find a scenic spot to stop, eat my snacks and read my book. There have been times the sun would feel so good on my face and I would close my eyes and fall asleep on the bench I was sitting on.

Being in nature has helped me appreciate this slower pace we are in. As most of you know, I don’t let any grass grow under these feet, but since my social butterfly wings have been clipped, I am finding comfort in the quiet.


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